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The Iona College Chapter of PRSSA wishes to recognize the tangible support received from the following "Friends of the Iona College Chapter of PRSSA." Their support has given our Chapter the financial strength to enable us to be increasingly active on campus, in the community and nationwide. Furthermore, their verbal and written support of our projects and accomplishments has enabled us to garner national recognition and achieve our goals.

We also appreciate the support we recieve from the Student Development Office, the SGA, and the Mass Communication Department.

We would especially like to thank the PRSA Westchester/Fairfield Chapter for their graciousness towards our Chapter. We thank you for sponsering us.

We thank you for your support and encouragement!

Don Bates
APR, Fellow PRSA

John F. Budd, Jr.
APR, Fellow PRSA

Chester Burger
APR, Fellow PRSA

Elias Buchwald

Joan Capelin
APR, Fellow PRSA

William J. Corbett
APR, Fellow PRSA

Michael J. Dennehy (Iona '02)

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dennehy (Iona '57)
M.F.A, M.Ed.

Dwayne Doherty (Iona '99)

Stephanie M. Harwood

Bill Heyman

Donald M. Levin
APR, Fellow PRSA

Richard J. Logis (Iona '00)

James E. Lukaszewski
APR, Fellow PRSA

Anna Marie McDermott

P. Michael McDermott
APR, Fellow PRSA

Joseph A. Moscone (Iona '00)

Philip G. Ryan
APR, Fellow PRSA

Terrance M. Spillane (Iona '78, '98)

Jonathan L. Stark (Iona '01)

Juliette Weiland

Terrie M. Williams

Katrina Van Tassell


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