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John F. Budd, Jr
APR, Fellow PRSA
Gold Anvil Award Winner
Omega Group

You make your own luck, veteran PR strategist John F. Budd, Jr is fond of saying and as if to prove his e-book* on transforming a deadened PR job into a career, written in 2001, is just the right medicine, at the right time, for PRSSA’ers soon to face their first PR job. Three simple rules: be curious; take nothing for granted especially conventional wisdom; use your whole brain, notably the right side which fosters creativity and swee the connectivity between isolated events. Fifty plus years in PR, agency and corporate, rising from a staff writer to vice chairman of the once prestigious Carl Byoir & Assoc. (now extinct)

Budd garned 8 Silver Anvils, one Gold Anvil and PRSA’s national award for public service. He’s written 8 books (* not counting How To Turn Your PR Job Into a Career via He currently writes a PR newsletter (Plain Talk) and a PR management letter (Observations) notes that when he entered the field there was no PRSSA to help indoctrinate him into PR’s mysteries; in fact, many of what are today’s PR standards were spawned spontaneously by the first generation of PR practitioners, of which he was arguable, one.

A font of wisdom but wisdom gained, as the Chinese proverb goes, from experience.

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